VA - Everything Was Supposed To Be So Easy (Clips) (ALONE001)

Side A
from here on it's all - Vincennes
Malvern Brume - Broken Bow
Lathe Burin - Rosemarie & the Rhododendron
Malvern Brume - Tarmac Shakes Into New Shapes
Primitive Structures - Seasalt
Great Area - Over Again
No Vacancy - 0

Side B
Lathe Burin - Toothpick Splinter
Blic - Darkout (Instrumental)
Polido - Twig (Live @ Damas, 6.4.18)
Max Schlopp - 420 Hansa Malz
Gamba - County
Conrad Pack - Putting Down The Dog

Outsiders: Kashual Plastik w/ Laure Boer, Malvern Brume & People Skills @ Kiosk Radio 14.04.2021

Timo Kaukolampi Reflects On Mika Vainio’s Knife Skills, Shares Exclusive K-X-P Remix